I’ve seen a strange amount of bickering about this particular pattern, and it honestly surprises me that there are two sides of this. Let me explain why one side’s opinion is so very wrong.

These terms come up all the time but are rarely defined or discussed. So we’re going to have a look at these different ways of thinking about and writing code, and where advantages between them lie.

I’m currently big on avoiding tribalism with regard to frameworks, and wanted to take a look at the component syntax in four major frameworks.

Woman wearing a surgical mask and holding fruit in a supermarket

The Australian Government wants everyone to participate in its public health initiative. But there are good reasons for people’s concerns.

There was a call for articles under the hashtag #emberjs2019 to discuss the future roadmap, priorities, and issues with Ember. I never did that in a timely fashion because I’m a bad person. So here it is anyway.

One interesting thing about the Redux pattern is how much of it can just… go away. Here we look at how.

Tailwind is a utility-based css framework that inverts a lot of assumptions about how CSS classes should work, and forms a very viable alternative to something like Bootstrap. So let’s take a deeper look.

Parcel has been around for a few years now, quietly serving as an alternative to Webpack. In fact it’s quite a surprise that it has been such a quiet alternative — it’s actually better in a lot of ways.

Lots of people ask questions about when they’re ready to apply for jobs, or why they aren’t succeeding at getting one. They often forget one critical factor.

It often comes up as a question: how do you build a scalable app? The simple answer is that scalability isn’t a thing. Scalability is a much more complex beast than that.

Matt Burgess

Senior Web Developer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Javascript, Web and Blockchain Developer.

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