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  • Civic Ledger

    Civic Ledger

    Blockchain Platforms for Building Trust

  • b0rnwithabeard


    Just once I’d like someone to call me “Sir” without adding “you’re making a scene”

  • Liz Ballantyne

    Liz Ballantyne

  • Lazar Ljubenović

    Lazar Ljubenović

    A student, a front-end lead developer.

  • Zeppelin


    We build software to grow and protect the core infrastructure of an open, global economy, powered by blockchain technologies.

  • Manuel Araoz

    Manuel Araoz

    In search of truth and good stories to tell.

  • Angello Pozo

    Angello Pozo

    Co-Founder of HelloSugoi. Hacking away on Ethereum (blockchain) DApps. Follow me on https://twitter.com/angellopozo

  • Jason Poley

    Jason Poley

    Motion Designer / Dad / Total Nerd.

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